Notebooks and Tablets are more popular than ever. As the size, weight and price of these items go down more people are choosing to have their computers by their side. We provide laptop and tablet repair for all brands of laptops, quality tablets, including iPads, Chromebooks and Galaxy Tab too!

Laptop and Tablet repair requires a highly specialized set of skills. Our laptop technicians have the skill and patience to perform these highly precise and delicate repairs, from cracked LCD Screen repair to Power Jack repair.

If your laptop or desktop is in need of repair, MyTechMate offers high quality laptop and desktop repair services with fast turnaround times! Before we begin working on your laptop, we’ll do a thorough review of your system and determine what is wrong. We offer same day repairs on some common services such as cracked screens.
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Keys pop off, get sticky, or just stop responding. If a key fell off, we may be able to simply pop it back on. If however, the key or the clip that holds it in place were physically broken, we’ll have to replace the key. Simple and inexpensive fixes.

If you have unresponsive keys, the electronics inside the keyboard are damaged and we’ll need to replace the whole keyboard.

If the keyboard is sticky, we’ll clean it with solvents. If that doesn’t work, we’ll have to replace the keyboard. Luckily, keyboards are pretty inexpensive.

Loose or Broken Hinge Repair

This usually happens when the laptop has been physically hit, sat on, or dropped. Half the time we can repair them. Other times we need to replace them. It depends on whether the hinge is simply loose, or if it was physically broken

Sometimes there may also be damage to the plastic parts or panels near the hinges, such as the screen frame or the back cover. If you have broken plastic parts, we can replace these too.

Laptop Battery Replacement

As computers get lighter, thinner, and more efficient, batteries are getting lighter, thinner, and more efficient.  This means there are a few extra steps involved when you want to change out the battery in your laptop.

When you get into replacing an internal laptop battery, you need a little bit of technical know-how.  If you believe that your skills are up to the task, or you aren’t worried if the machine is damaged in the process (do a backup first!), then go for it.  Otherwise, MyTechMate provides laptop battery replacement services in Richardson TX.

Apple makes computers a little bit differently.  Even the oldest models have built-in batteries.  And that means you have to open up the entire unit for even the simplest of repairs.  The concept is to keep things sleek, allow fewer moving parts (less chance of accidental damage), and because they can.  It also means that you need a little more skill to access the battery.

We highly recommend bringing your MacBook (or any other Apple laptop) in to our shop for battery replacement.

Laptop LCD Replacement

The LCD screen of all laptop computers are fragile. The slightest drop or impact can damage the LCD screen as it is often directly exposed on PC laptops.

MyTechMate can handle broken or cracked Laptop Display Screens, LCD panel and back light repair. Distorted Screen Pictures and just plain old blank screens are very common. Fortunately, screen repair cost is much cheaper than it was a couple of years ago.

Usually, these repairs require a screen replacement, as you can’t repair them, but sometimes we get lucky, and the problem is just a loose wire.