Dallas Network Installation and Repair

We can install a business class server to allow you more freedom in the workplace. Filter out spam email viruses and Trojans, as well as share printers and wireless setup. We can even set up a camera system that can be viewed anywhere in the world from your laptop or cell phone.

Are you in the Dallas area and is having trouble with your laptop connecting wirelessly to the internet? MyTechMate can help! We can help with all wireless and internet issues you may be having. We can get you connected to wireless routers of all makes and models. Unplug your ethernet cable and stay connected anywhere in your home or office!

Network Setup for Dallas TX

We can add another PC to your current network, – wired or wireless. We have setup networks for many offices in North Dallas.

Additional Workstations for your Small Business Network

Check the configuration of your network including encryption settings and adjust as required. Ensuring your system is safe from hackers, we are a trusted networking company in Dallas TX. Don’t let someone you don’t trust touch your network, it is a critical part of any business and information falling into the wrong hands will have a long-lasting negative effect on your business and its good name.

Network Security Implementation

Already have a network but want more office flexibility? We will organize your files and set up other devices so that you can share information or tasks between them. We can make your office more efficient and time-Saving. Most times we can save a company tons of man hours and save them large amounts of money as a result.

Share Files, Printers or Peripheral Devices

Control the office computer from home and do work in the office with never having to be there. We have done this for offices in Dallas and Collin Counties. Setup Wireless connectivity for Home or office. Even set up a pay system- where you charge for internet use of others.

Remote Connection Setup wireless “Hot Spots”