Onsite Desktop Support

Often times the issues afflicting your computer are caused by a peripheral device. You take the time to bring your computer to the store only to have the technician find nothing wrong with it. Have MyTechMate come to your business to properly diagnose issues with printers, external drives or other devices that may be causing problems with your computer.

Application Support

We can help your employees be more productive by quickly addressing learning issues and application errors. We support all Microsoft Office applications as well as QuickBooks, Act, and a host of other industry specific applications.

Workstation Remote Support:

We can also assist users on your network through our remote support platform. Instant assistance, and users get to see exactly what we do to fix an issue. Unfamiliar procedures become learning experiences that may benefit future workflows. We can also optimize the connections between computers and servers. Proactive monitoring will also reveal where inefficiencies exist such as network bottlenecks or over tasked components. Reduce the traffic jams and experience your network’s fullest potential.

Proactive Monitoring:

Proactive Monitoring is an invaluable tool that is available to you now. Whether you are a business owner or a network administrator, you will benefit from a dispassionate view of your resources. Often times it takes a third party to discover something that everyone else was just missing. Put MyTechMate to work for you as the lifeguard of your network through Proactive Monitoring.

Performance Tuning:

MyTechMate can keep your desktops running lean and mean by carefully selecting which background processes really need to be running and consuming your hardware resources.

Your desktop computer is not much different from your car, both machines are expensive, and both machines require general maintenance and tune-ups from time to time. This desktop computer service is not too expensive and can add years of use and reliability to your desktop computer. Call us today for MyTechMates signature desktop computer tune-up service.

We will come to YOU to assess Any computer problem.

Qualified technicians will have you up and running in no time.

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